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Please contact us via our form or call (617) 966-4671 for an immediate response.


Sell books or CDs

VT Book Recycling is always in search of new inventory for our online bookstore. If you have books to sell, please contacts us, we’d love to talk to you. We are also interested in various types of audio CDs. Please note, we do not purchase bootleg CDs due to high numbers of illegal copies in circulation.

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Donate your books

Are old books taking up needed space in your home? We believe the less that goes into a landfill the better. We regularly donate inventory to local animal shelters as well as local libraries in our general area and will continue to partner with organizations that support worthwhile causes.

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College textbooks

Is the semester coming to to an end soon and you won’t be needing your textbooks any longer? Do you need money to buy books for next semester? We may want to buy them. VT Book Recycling pays very fair prices for your unwanted textbooks.

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What we’re looking for

Are books or CDs taking over needed space? Maybe you just don’t need or want them any more? We may be interested in buying some or all of what you have. VT Book Recycling is mainly interested in books and CDs at this time, but may also be open to other items such as DVDs, video games, video game consoles and some used and new electronics.

What we pay

We generally pay between $0.50 – $2.00 per book for your typical paperback or hardcover books. For current college textbooks, we offer competitive rates. A current textbook generally has a publication date within 4-5 years of the current year. There are exceptions of course and we will be able to tell you whether there is still value in a textbook that may be slightly older than the norm. We’ll gladly evaluate any books you feel may be of interest.

How It Works

For lots of a couple hundred books or more, we may be able to come to your location. For smaller sized lots it is often not feasible for us to travel a long distance and we may request more detailed information about your books to determine whether it’s worth your time to meet us in Rutland. Occasionally we may be able to meet halfway. Every situation is unique. Simply call or contact us through the form above and we’d be more than happy to figure out a solution that works for everyone. Upon meeting, we will go through your books or media and pay you for what is of interest to us.

If you have 5 or more boxes of books, we can come to you.

Contact us via our form or call (617)966-4671 to schedule a pickup.

Free Pickup

We offer free pickup of 6 or more boxes of books. This option is only available for book donations within an hour drive of Rutland. If you wish to sell your books, please contact us through the form above or by calling us at (617) 966-4671 for a quick response.

Depending on the quantity and